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The Winter School

The Winter School is a one-room schoolhouse in Douglas County, Kansas. Through conservancy and innovative programming we want to use our heritage to better understand the origins and evolutions of schooling. We aim to create a welcoming, inclusive space to create new dialogues, attitudes and consciousness around education - and our relationship to ourselves, each other and the world. 


The flagship program, The Museum of Education Foundations, looks holistically at the realm of schooling and explores it in a way that integrates history, philosophy, and art. We will hold a variety of classes and community events such as poetry nights, small concerts, film screenings, and lectures.

The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places after a renovation that was completed in late 2019. The school operated normally for 75 years and was abandoned for 75 years...and we look forward to the creative possibilities ahead. 

All Are Welcome!

Lecompton Historical Society

The Winter School works in partnership with The Lecompton Historic Society to  preserve and curate a handful of historic sites around Lecompton. Visit them all and learn why it is considered the place "where slavery began to die". 

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